sirjoey-23 said: What does it take to be a comic book artist?


First it takes someone who not only can draw but who wants to get better so badly that they will obsess about it everyday in their sketchbook and feel the frustration that comes with learning and growing and they will also rise above the inadequate feelings and low confidence and believe in themselves to a point where they are ok with making mistakes and growing from them, they are ok with busting out pages as fast as they can and as best as they can for a deadline. And they are ok with being broke for a while. Being an artist ain’t no joke, you’ll go through a time of being dirt poor. And if you are good/creative enough, and fast enough, and easy to work with enough, then you’ll Probably land a sweet gig. So basically it takes talent plus persistence plus luck. Enjoy.

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Mortal Kombat X by Dexter Soy / Blog

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I need absolutely no context

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one of my favorite episodes from atla was where this whole village hated avatars because they thought that kyoshi murdered this guy a long time ago and the whole gang spends the entire episode finding all this evidence that she never did it but the village doesnt believe them and it looks like aangs going to be found guilty but finally near the end her spirit appears to everyone and shes like yeah i killed that guy he was a dick

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